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The Resort in Summer

….A Natural Space

The Resort in Summer

El Puerto de Navacerrada wants to reveal their other side, the resort in summer.

Every single person that comes to visit us has their own space and can fully enjoy the natural surroundings, during all of the seasons.

El Puerto is an ideal space to go hiking as its scenic beauty is coupled with the perfect temperature, to be relished all summer in the Madrid mountains.

Combine Hiking with our Chairlift

Turistic Chairlift

To make the full use of your day a few different routes exist combining a mix of hiking and our chairlift:

  • Cuerda Larga (Long rope), with a distance of 18 km. We start the route in the Puerto de Navacerrada car park, finishing up in El Puerto de la Morcuera (the port of Morcuera).
  • Headwater of the river Manzanares,  Very close to the top of La Bola del Mundo (the ball of the world), on the east face, is el Ventisquero de la Condesa (Glacier of the Countess), an area where you can see mist stemming from the water that constitutes the source of the Manzanares river, and where large amounts of snowfall accumulate in wintertime.
Chairlift Prices
Two-way Pass


7 €


5 €

Idyllic Views over the Central System

High Terraces - Bola’s Bar

The resort has a cafeteria in Guarramillas at 2,179 meters of altitude with an idyllic panoramic view of the Central System. Emblematic peaks of one of the most preserved enclaves in Spain. From Madrid to Segovia, a wide landscape will succumb to your feet while recovering in our cafeteria of altitude in Guarramillas.

Snacks, drinks, sandwich and pizzas are some of the products that you will find in our menu, while you enjoy the amazing views.

The access is very simple and suitable for everybody. It does not matter if you do not ski, you will only have to ascend to the peak of Guarramillas through our detachable ski lift with either the ski pass and the skis on, or by feet using one of our tourists passes.

You can easily make a small stop en Bar La Bola, a unique enclave where you can appreciate all of the charm of being in a bar located at the highest point of the Community of Madrid.

This establishment stays open all Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays during the summer months (from June to September), uninterrupted from the hours of 10:30 am to 6:15 pm.

Beautiful Scenery for Summer

Hiking Routes

Some of the most interesting trails are the following:

  • Puerto Navacerrada – Valle de la barranca (Valley of the hills), with a distance of 10 km. The starting point is the car park of Puerto Navacerrada.
  • The Schmidt trail to Cercedilla, with a distance of 15 km. Take the path that leads to the right of the telegraph track and follow the path of the círculos amarillos (yellow circles).
  • Cima siete picos (Seven Peaks), with a distance of 13 km. From Puerto de Navacerrada, Dehesas de Cercedilla (meadows of Cercedilla), through to the top of Seven Peaks (cima siete picos), and then to the viewpoints of Los Poetas (the Poets) and La senda Victoria (Victoria Path)