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Surroundings and patrimony

Great biodiversity and ecological richness

in an incomparable setting

The Guadarrama mountain rage, located just at 45 minutes from Madrid, is a region of great natural and scenic value that has a great biodiversity and ecological richness, in an incomparable setting where you can enjoy nature through the practice of sports , while watching the environment or just relaxing.

The territory is under protection in order to guarantee the conservation of its natural values. A big part of its territory is included in Guadarrama mountain rage National Park, declared in June 2013. This mountain rage is the habitat of species, such as the black vulture, the mountain goat, the Iberian imperial eagle or the Elizabethan butterfly.

A large area of the territory was previously integrated into the Regional Park of the Manzanares, which was the first Regional Park in Spain in 1985. In 1993, UNESCO decided to include it in the global network of Biosphere Reserves. In addition, part of it is listed as a Community Interest Area (CIA).

An organized and respectful with the natural environment

Sustainable development

The main idea of all these actions is to provide, to a natural area of special relevance for Madrid, some means that guarantee an organized and respectful use with the natural environment and with the current environmental protection figures, as well as with those planned in the future, to avoid the current massive and disorganized presence of people and vehicles, that are in no way respectful with the natural environment.

The above must go hand to hand with quality services that represent attractive leisure and free time alternatives in Puerto de Navacerrada for all users, both in winter and in summer. The differential element that represents this area is recognized by the NRMP (Natural Resources Management Plan) of the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León as a Special Use Zone, this is based on its use since 1903 as an installation area for facilities that make easy the practice of Winter Sports in the area and, day by day we can see that this facilities are the main attraction of Puerto de Navacerrada.

Directed toward the national and foreign public

Leisure full of nature

Madrid, as is well known is a great European city, due to its growth plans, important potential market; as well as its capital status, which allows it to concentrate a high percentage of national and international tourism, it requires spaces for leisure and entertainment for its habitants, especially, leisure in natural environments. Among other reasons, because the idea of leisure spaces in nature contributes to the education in sustainable use and in the care of our precious natural environments.

The different services that can be found in the ski resort of Puerto de Navacerrada are directed towards national and foreign public that lives close to the resort, as well as the rest of the Community of Madrid, not forgetting its areas of influence or neighbouring provinces.